design in every detail

Elevating Spaces, Defining Elegance

Established in 2020 under the visionary leadership of Ar. Hitendra Jain, OIB stands as a boutique interior design firm dedicated to crafting state-of-the-art projects through a blend of cutting-edge technology and global design methodologies.

Innovative Design, Technology

Driven Solutions Acknowledging the role of Information Technology in design, our innovative and customized approach integrates the latest digital technologies. With relevant updated software and cutting-edge hardware tools, we exhibit vivid 3D visualizations for spatial designs with accuracy and precision, ensuring the delivery of a premium execution.

Timeless Design & Technology

A Commitment at OIB, our commitment extends to the steady curation of spatial ideas that meet the demands of the ever-evolving AEC industry. Our designs are visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and, above all, timeless. Join us on a journey of elevating spaces and defining elegance.

Our Vision

We envision a future where our designs not only stand as testaments to elegance but also etch themselves into the very fabric of the spaces they adorn.

Our Mission

At OIB, our mission is simple yet profound – to transform every space into a bestowed and enchanted experience. Our commitment is evident in the meticulous amalgamation of highly skilled craftsmanship and premium quality, resulting in the creation of elegant and aesthetically beautiful spaces.

Design Ethos

Excellence, Efficiency, Responsiveness and Commitment

We live by the ethos of Design – marked by excellence, service efficiency, responsiveness, and unwavering commitment to projects of any size and scale. Our approach optimizes available resources, instilling a sense of cohesiveness, relaxation, and safety in both buildings and interiors.